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Photosystem II, 3a0b

3D structures of photosystem II

Updated on 20-August-2014

3arc, 3a0b, 3a0h, 4il6 – PSII – Thermosynechococcus vulcanos
3prq, 3prr - TePSII + terbutryn – Thermosynechococcus elongatus
3kzi, 3bz1, 3bz2, 2axt, 1w5c, 1s5l, 1izl, 1ilx, 1fe1, 4fby, 4ixr, 4ixq – TePSII
3zpn - TePSII PSB28 protein
4k7b - PSII extrinsic protein – Chaetoceros gracilis
2y6x – TePSII PSB27 protein
2kvo – SyPSII reaction center PSB28 protein – Synechocystis – NMR
2kmf, 2knd - SyPSII reaction center PSB27 subunit – NMR
2vu4, 1vyk – spPSII PSBP subunit – spinach
1nze - spPSII PSBQ subunit
1v2b - PSII PSBP subunit – tobacco
1fc6, 1fc7, 1fc9, 1fcf – PSII C terminal processing protease – Scenedesmus obliquus

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For additional information, see: Photosynthesis


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