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Crystal Structure of Human PAPRα complex with agonist (1i7g)


3D Structures of PPAR

Updated on 02-September-2014


1k7l – hPPARα LBD + G2409544 + SRC-1 - human
3e94 – hPPARα LBD + tributyltin
4bcr - hPPARα LBD + ligand
1kkq – hPPARα LBD + GW6471 Antagonist + SMRT
2npa - hPPARα LBD+ propanoic acid derivative + SRC-1
2p54 - hPPARα LBD + SRC-1
2rew - hPPARα LBD + azetidinone derivative activator
2znn, 2zno, 2znp, 2znq, 3kdu, 3vi8, 1i7g - hPPARα LBD+ agonist
3fei, 3fej, 3g8i, 3sp6 - hPPARα LBD+ agonist + SRC-1
3et1 - hPPARα LBD + SRC-1 + indole derivative


3prg, 2qmv, 1prg – hPPARγ LBD
2zk0, 2zk1, 2zk2, 2zk3, 2zk4, 2zk5, 2zk6, 3vjh, 3vji, 4e4k, 4e4q, 4jl4 – hPPARγ LBD + ligand
3po9 - hPPARγ LBD + tripropyltin
3r8i - hPPARγ LBD + ureidofibrate derivative
3sz1 - hPPARγ LBD + luteolin
2f4b, 1zeo, 2ath, 2hwq, 2hwr, 2i4j, 2q59, 2q8s, 3b3k, 3bc5, 3cds, 3g9e, 3gbk, 3gz9, 3ia6, 3kdt, 3an3, 3an4, 3noa, 3r5n, 3r8a, 3vso, 3vsp, 2xkw, 3b0q, 3ho0, 3hod, 1knu, 1i7i, 1nyx, 2pob – hPPARγ LBD+ agonists
2g0h, 2g0g, 2i4p, 2i4z, 2q5g, 2q5p, 2q5s, 2q61, 2q6r, 3cdp, 3d6d, 4em9, 4ema, 4prg, 2q6s - hPPARγ LBD+ partial agonists
2om9 - hPPARγ LBD + cannabinoid
3b0r - hPPARγ LBD + antagonist
3osi, 3osw, 3pba - hPPARγ LBD + bisphenol derivative
2p4y, 3adt, 3adu, 3adw, 3et3, 2hfp - hPPARγ LBD+ modulator
2zvt - hPPARγ LBD (mutant) + modulator
2vsr, 2vst, 2vv0, 2vv1, 2vv2, 2vv3, 2vv4 - hPPARγ LBD + fatty acid activator
3ads, 3adx - hPPARγ LBD + indomethacin
3adv - hPPARγ LBD + serotonin
3k8s, 3et0, 2yfe, 4a4v, 4a4w, 4jaz - hPPARγ LBD + antidiabetic drug

PPARγ complex with polypeptide

1wm0 – hPPARγ LBD+ NCAO2 peptide + agonist
1zgy – hPPARγ LBD+ antidiabetic drug + nuclear receptor peptide
2gtk, 3qt0 - hPPARγ LBD+ SRC-1 peptide
3cs8, 3u9q- hPPARγ LBD + PGC-1A peptide
3cwd - hPPARγ LBD + SRC1-2 peptide
3fur, 3kmg, 3v9t, 3v9v, 3v9y, 4f9m, 3b1m - hPPARγ LBD + SRC-1 peptide + modulator
4fgy, 2prg - hPPARγ LBD + antidiabetic agent + NCOA1 peptide
3s9s, 3t03, 2fvj- hPPARγ LBD + SRC-1 peptide + partial agonist
3h0a - hPPARγ LBD + SRC 1 + retinoic acid receptor α + retinoic acid + partial agonist
1k74, 1rdt, 1fm9 - hPPARγ LBD + SRC-1 + retinoic acid receptor α + retinoic acid + agonist
3dzu, 3e00, 3dzy - hPPARγ LBD + DNA + retinoic acid receptor α + NCOA2 peptide + retinoic acid
1fm6 - hPPARγ LBD + antidiabetic drug + retinoic acid receptor α + NCOA2 peptide + retinoic acid
3vn2, 4hee, 4prg - hPPARγ LBD + NCOA1 peptide + activator


2baw, 2b50, 2awh – hPPARδ + Vaccenic Acid
2gwx – hPPARδ LBD
3gwx –hPPARδ LBD + 5,8,11,14,17-Eicosapentaenoic Acid
1y0s – hPPARδ LBD + GW2331
3dy6 –hPPARδ LBD + anthranilic acid
3et2, 1gwx – PPARδ + fatty acid
2env – hPPARδ zinc finger domain
2j14, 2xyj, 2xyw, 2xyx, 3oz0, 3sp9 - hPPARδ LBD + agonist
3peq - hPPARδ LBD + partial agonist
3d5f - hPPARδ LBD +phenoxy derivative

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