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Bovine aconitase showing FeS4 cluster complex with sulfate (PDB code [[1amj]])


3D structures of Aconitase

Updated on 24-August-2014


1b0k – pACO (mutant) – pig
5acn – pACO+Fe3S4
6acn - pACO+Fe4S4
1amj, 1nit – cACO - cow


1c96 - pACO (mutant)+citrate
1b0m - pACO (mutant)+fluorocitrate


1fgh – cACO+4-hydroxy-aconitate
1aco – cACO+transaconitate
1nis - cACO+transaconitate+nitrocitrate


7acn - pACO +isocitrate
1c97, 1b0j - pACO (mutant)+isocitrate
1ami, 8acn – cACO+isocitrate


2b3x, 2b3y – hACO1 – human
2ipy, 3snp – rACO1 (mutant)+ferritin H IRE-RNA – rabbit
3sn2 - rACO1 (mutant)+ transferrin receptor iron regulatory RNA


1l5j – ACO2 – Escherichia coli


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