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PART I. Tacrine- and hupyridone-containing compounds

This page is a continuation of the pages AChE inhibitors and substrates, AChE inhibitors and substrates (Part II), and AChE inhibitors and substrates (Part III).

  • 1zgb Complex with (R)-tacrine-(10)-hupyridone (cmp R-3)
  • 1zgc Complex with (S)-tacrine-(10)-hupyridone (cmp S-3)
  • 1acj Complex with tacrine alone
  • 1h22 Complex with (S,S)-(-)-Bis(12)-hupyridone (cmp (S,S)-(-)-4b)
  • 1h23 Complex with (S,S)-(-)-Bis(10)-hupyridone (cmp (S,S)-(-)-4a)
  • 2cmf Complex with Bis(5)-tacrine derivative (cmp 2d)
  • 2ckm Complex with Bis(7)-tacrine derivative (cmp 2f)
  • 1ut6 Complex with N-9-(1',2',3',4'-TETRAHYDROACRIDINYL)-1,8-DIAMINOOCTANE (cmp 6)
  • 1odc Complex with cmp 7

Additional Resources

For additional information, see: Alzheimer's Disease
For information about additional AChE inhibitors see page AChE bivalent inhibitors (Part II).


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