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Pig tropomyosin (PDB code 1c1g)

3D structures of Tropomyosin

Updated on 21-August-2014

3mtu, 3mud – cTPM alpha-1 – chicken
1ic2 - cTPM alpha-1 (mutant)
3u1a, 3u1c – cTPM α-1 N terminal
3u59 – cTPM β N terminal
2w49, 2w4u – cTnnC+cTnnT+cTnnI+cTPM alpha-1+cActin
2z5h – yTPM alpha-1 N-terminal+C-terminal+GNC4 leucine zipper+TnnT – yeast
2z5i - yTPM alpha-1 N-terminal+C-terminal+GNC4 leucine zipper
2efr, 2efs, 2d3e - raTPM alpha-1 C-terminal+GNC4 leucine zipper – rabbit
4a7f, 4a7h, 4a7l - raTPM α-1 + myosin + actin – Cryo EM
3j4k - raTPM + actin – Cryo EM
1kql - TPM alpha-1 C-terminal+GNC4 leucine zipper - rat
1mv4 - rTPM alpha-1 C-terminal
2g9j - rTPM alpha-1 TM9A+GNC4
2b9c – rTPM mid region
3azd – rTPM N terminal
1c1g – TPM – pig
2tma – TPM - model


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