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Epithelial cadherin complex with Ca+2 ions, 1q1p
Gene: CDH1 (Mus musculus)
Related: 1ff5
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Cadherins (CDH) are calcium-dependent adhesion proteins. They contain extracellular CDH repeats (EC1-EC5) which bind calcium ions. They are encoded by numerous genes numbered CDH1-CDH23. Some names of CDH indicate their locations: E-CDH (epithelial tissue), VE-CDH (vascular epithelial), T-CDH bound to membrane, N-CDH (neurons). The CDH superfamily contains protocadhedrins (Prot-CDH), desmogleins (Des-CDH) and more. Calcium ions are shown as a space filling objects.


3D Structures of Cadherin

Updated on 25-August-2014


1q1p – mCDH1 - mouse
3q2v – mCDH1 ectodomain
3qrb – mCDH1+2


2koh – mCDH5+PAR3-PDZ3


3lnd – mCDH6 EC12 (mutant)


1zxk – mCDH8 EC1
2a62 - mCDH8 EC1+EC2+EC3


2a4c, 2a4e – mCDH11 EC1


1zvn – cCDH20 EC1 – chicken


3mvs, 2whv – mCDH23 N-terminal
2kbr – hCDH23 peptide+harmonin – NMR - human
2kbs - hCDH23 C-terminal peptide+harmonin PDZ2 – NMR
2wbx – mCDH23 EC1
2wcp - mCDH23 EC2
2wd0 - mCDH23 EC1+EC2 (mutant)
4apx, 4aq8, 4axw - mCDH23 EC1+EC2 + Prot-CDH15
4aqa, 4aqe - mCDH23 EC1+EC2 (mutant) + Prot-CDH15

C-CDH “classical”

1l3w – XlC-CDH ectodomain - Xenopus laevis
1q5b, 1q5c, 1q55, 1q5a – C-CDH model into desmosome – electron tomography

E-CDH epithelial

1ff5 – mE-CDH double domain
1edh - mE-CDH EC1+EC2+Ca
3q2l, 3q2n - mE-CDH EC1+EC2 (mutant)
1suh – mE-CDH N-terminal - NMR
3l6x, 3l6y, 1i7x, 1i7w – mE-CDH+catenin
3lne, 3lnf, 3lng, 3lnh, 3lni – mE-CDH EC12 (mutant)
2qvf – mE-CDH1 CDH2
3ifq – hE-CDH EC1+EC2+EC3
2o72 - hE-CDH EC1+EC2
3ff7, 3ff8 - hE-CDH EC1+EC2+EC3+NK cell receptor
2omt, 2omu, 2omx, 2omz, 2omv, 2omw, 2omy – hE-CDH EC1+internalin (mutant)
1o6s – E-CDH N-terminal+internalin – Listeria monocytogenes

T-CDH membrane bound

3k5r – mT-CDH EC1+EC2
3k5s - cT-CDH EC1+EC2
3k6d - XlT-CDH EC1
3k6f - mT-CDH EC1
3k6i - cT-CDH EC1
2v37 – hT-CDH N-terminal - NMR

N-CDH neuronal

1nch, 1nci – mN-CDH
1ncg – mN-CDH (mutant)
2qvi – mN-CDH EC12
1ncj – mN-CDH two domains
3q2w – mN-CDH ectodomain
1op4 - mN-CDH prodomain - NMR
3ubf – DmN-CDH ectodomain – Drosophila melanogaster
3ubh - DmN-CDH EC1-4
3ubg - DmN-CDH EC1-

VE-CDH vascular epithelial

3ppe – cVE-CDH EC1+EC2


2yst – hProt-CDH7 EC3 – NMR
2ee0 - hProt-CDH9 Ca domain – NMR
1wyj - mProt-CDH β 14 - NMR
1wuz - mProt-CDH4 EC1 – NMR


2yqg – hDes-CDH EC1

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