Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme

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Human ACE complex with Zn+2 (grey) and Cl- (yellow) ions (PDB code 1o8a)

3D Structures of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme

Updated on 02-February-2014

1o8a – hANCE - human
2iul, 2iux, 3nxq, 4c2n, 4c2o, 4c2q, 4c2r – hANCE (mutant)
2c6f – hANCE N domain
2c6n - hANCE N domain+lisinopril
1o86 - hANCE +lisinopril
4c2p - hANCE + captopril
2ydm - hANCE + captopril analog
3kbh, 3d0g, 3d0h, 3d0i, 2ajf, 3sci, 3scj, 3sck, 3scl – hANCE 2 fragment+spike glycoprotein
3l3n – hANCE+LISW
3bkk, 3bkl – hANCE+ketone inhibitor
2oc2, 4bxk, 4ca5, 4ca7, 4ca8 - hANCE+phosphinic inhibitor
2xy9, 2xyd - hANCE N domain + phosphinic inhibitor
4ca6 - hANCE N domain (mutant) + phosphinic inhibitor
1uze, 1uzf - hANCE+anti-hypertensive drug
4aph – hANCE + angiotensin II
4apj – hANCE + bradykinin-potentiating peptide B
1r42, 1r4l – hANCE + disordered segment of collectrin homology domain
2xhm – DmANCE+K26 – Drosophila melanogaster
2x8y – DmANCE
2x8z, 2x90, 2x91, 2x92, 2x93, 2x94, 2x95, 2x96, 2x97, 1j36, 1j37, 1j38 – DmANCE+anti-hypertensive drug
3zqz – DmANCE + captopril analog
4aa1 – DmANCE + angiotensin II
4aa2, 4asr – DmANCE + bradykinin-potentiating peptide B
4asq – DmANCE + bradykinin peptide

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