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Human VEGFR kinase domain complex with anti tumor inhibitor and sulfate (PDB code 3c7q)


3D Structures of VEGFR

Updated on 21-August-2014


1rv6 - hVEGFR-1 domain 2 + PlGF - human
1qsv - hVEGFR-1 VEGF-binding domain – NMR
2xac – hVEGFR-1D2 + hVEGF-B
3hng - hVEGFR-1 kinase domain + N-(4-Chlorophenyl)-2-((pyridin-4-ylmethyl)amino)benzamid


3kvq - hVEGFR-2 extracellular domain 7
1vr2 - hVEGFR-2 kinase domain (mutant)
2m59 - hVEGFR-2 membrane domain – NMR
2x1w, 2x1x – hVEGFR-2 IG-like domains 2 & 3 +hVEGF-C
3v2a - hVEGFR-2 + hVEGF-A
3v6b - hVEGFR-2 residues 132-548 + hVEGF-E
3efl – hVEGFR-2 kinase domain (mutant)+ motesanib
4ag8, 4agc, 4agd, 4asd, 4ase, 3vo3 - hVEGFR-2 kinase domain (mutant) + renal cell carcinoma drug
3ewh, 3cjf, 3cjg, 3vhe - hVEGFR-2 kinase domain + pyrimidine derivative
3c7q - hVEGFR-2 kinase domain + BIBF1120
3dtw - hVEGFR-2 kinase domain + benzisoxazole
3cp9, 3cpb, 3cpc, 3be2, 3b8q, 3b8r, 2qu5, 2qu6, 2p2h, 2p2i, 1ywn, 1y6a, 1y6b,3vid, 3vhk - hVEGFR-2 kinase domain + inhibitor
2oh4, 2rl5, 2xir, 3u6j, 3vnt - hVEGFR-2 kinase domain (mutant)+ inhibitor
3s35, 3s36, 3s37 - hVEGFR-2 extracellular domain 3 + Fab heavy+light chains


4bsj - hVEGFR-3 extracellular domain 4 & 5
4bsk - hVEGFR-3 extracellular domain 1 & 2 + VEGF-C

VEGF 165 receptor (neuropilin-1)

VEGF 165 receptor 2 (neuropilin-2)

See Neuropilin

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