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Yeast Gal4 complex with DNA and Zn+2 ions 1d66
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Gal3-Gal80-Gal4 proteins of yeast comprise a signal transducer that controls the galactose-inducible Gal4-mediated transcription activation of GAL regulon genes. Gal3 and Gal4[1] are regulators of the rapid induction of the galactose system. In the absence of galactose Gal80[2] binds to Gal4 and prohibits it from activating transcription. In the presence of galactose, Gal3 binds to Gal80 to prohibit its inhibition of Gal4. For Gal4 details see
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Evans Gal4
DNA-protein interactions.

The Gal4 protein consists of a of identical subunits.

3D Structures of Gal3-Gal80-Gal4

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