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Yeast Gal4 complex with DNA and Zn+2 ions 1d66
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Gal3-Gal80-Gal4 proteins of yeast comprise a signal transducer that controls the galactose-inducible Gal4-mediated transcription activation of GAL regulon genes. In the absence of galactose Gal80 binds to Gal4 and prohibits it from activating transcription. In the presence of galactose, Gal3 binds to Gal80 to prohibit its inhibition of Gal4. For Gal4 details see User:Amir Mitchell/Gal4 and User: Wayne Decatur/Gal 4.

The Gal4 protein consists of a of identical subunits.

3D Structures of Gal3-Gal80-Gal4

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